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PM Yuffy
Joined: 2007-05-02 21:43:05
PM Unicorn.Yuffy
The 5years wont be forgotten. Farewell.
PM Gilgamesh.Hunewearl
Wish for peace, wish for dreams, wish for love, you are gone ... without saying goodbye. Farewell, Gilgamesh.
PM Unicorn.Aoisan
non timebo mala. Ode a la moustache.
PM Unicorn.Ichitaka
PM Carbuncle.Senkyuutai
Unless you want to disgrace history, don't call what we did a fight! Thank you Final Chapter, it was amazing. Live long, and prosper.
PM Gilgamesh.Ratdevil
PM Gilgamesh.Nekoyan
Stuck in 2008. Will catch up, one day.
PM Cerberus.Mahhaken
PM Cerberus.Senkyuutai
♪ 天下無双 ♪
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