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New Rules
As with all forums on the internet, we need at least some form of control to keep it from devolving into anarchy and MLP fan-fiction. The old rule list was long, a little verbose, and held a lot of loopholes, so here's an attempt at a more concise rewrite.

First off, let's make it clear that there are two kinds of rules: AdSense-imposed and Administration-imposed. AdSense-imposed rules are utterly non-negotiable, as they're laid down by Google and they don't negotiate in that regard. Administration-imposed rules are rules laid down by the Administrators and Moderators in an attempt to shape the sort of community we want to be. These can be discussed, amended, and changed! They can not, of course, be ignored ;) We're all (in theory) adults here; we'd like this to be a friendly an open community, but it's not a kindergarten either.

These rules apply to all sections of and

AdSense-based rules

  • Pornography, adult or mature content.

  • Racist behavior or use of racial epithets are strictly prohibited (even in jest). You can discuss the topic of racism itself in P+R, provided it's done with decorum.

  • Images or videos containing: - strategically covered nudity, sheer or see-through clothing, lewd or provocative poses, or close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches

  • Images containing profanity.

  • Any sexual role-playing and/or discussions of sexual activity.

Those are hard requirements and will always be met with post editing (or removal) and warnings or suspensions. Please note that putting things in spoilers doesn't help; that's purely a display issue, it doesn't remove the image/etc from the page.

Our rules

  • No politics/religion outside of the Politics and Religion section. This will be strictly enforced.

  • No player warning threads.

  • Windower and its addons/plugins are okay to talk about, but anything that rises to the level of "bot" is forbidden.

  • No contest threads that require an external site. If you really want/need to do that, ask a moderator first.

  • Don't post private messages in public without consent of both parties. If a PM is breaking rules, it can be sent to a moderator. Any PMs sent to a moderator/admin in the course of their duties can be shared among the administration.

  • Don't post any personal real-life identifiable information about or images of another user.

  • Don't insult or attack other users.

  • Don't use slurs.

  • Don't harass other users. Harassment in this context is defined as following them around threads, unwanted PMs, and excessive behavior targeting someone else in general.

  • Don't quote rule-breaking posts.

  • Don't give threads stupid or misleading titles.

  • Don't flood topics.

  • Don't derail topics.

  • Don't abuse the BBCode system.

  • Don't provoke other users. The phrase "trolling" gets tossed around to mean all sorts of random nonsense, so I'm going with a word everyone here should understand.

  • Don't be hostile. It's possible to disagree or convey irritation without attacking people.

  • Don't sue us.

  • If you ruin Rooks's brunch, there will be hell to pay

  • Don't be a jerk. If a moderator shows up on your doorstep and you have to ask "What rule did I break?", the odds are pretty good that it's this one. (Shoutout to BG for the inspiration)


If you see a post/PM that's violating the rules, please report it - the moderators can't possibly patrol every thread. Abusing the reporting system will get your rights to it revoked.

Rules violations are mostly handled according to a moderator's discretion. This can range anywhere from a simple editing or deletion of a post with a note, to full suspension from the site. If you feel a moderator has acted in error, talk to an administrator (Rooks is currently handling appeals). If you appeal without some clear justification for it, you may be subject to additional discipline.


We are trying to foster a culture of inclusion. Everyone is equal here, without concern for sex, gender, color, creed, or any other attribute (except love of bad MLP fan fiction, which is a federally protected class to discriminate against).

Obvious jokes

Yes, the MLP references are jokes, as far as you know, and Rooks hardly ever goes to brunch

Thank you for your support of our site. Please find me if you have any questions on concerns.
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