Eorzea Time
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  Name Description
Guide Maker Made a long-running, helpful guide!
Guide Maintainer Helps maintain a long-running, helpful guide!
Guide Master Has made sizable contributions to multiple guides.
Amiibo Winner Has won an Amiibo Contest
Amiibo Champion Has won three Amiibo Contests
Amiibo Annihilator Has won five Amiibo Contests
MSPaint Winner Has won an MSPaint Contest
MSPaint Champion Has won three MSPaint Contests
MSPaint Savant Has won seven MSPaint Contests
Leonardo da Clippi Has won eleven MSPaint Contests
Bug Hunter Found and reported a bug.
Bug Stalker Found and reported ten bugs.
Bug Predator Found and reported twenty five bugs.
Bug Eradicator Found and reported fifty bugs.
Xenocide Found and reported a hundred bugs.
Lockstylin' Won a Lockstyle contest
Lockstyled and Loaded Won three Lockstyle contests
Lockstylista Won five Lockstyle contests
Pret-a-Porter Moogle Won seven Lockstyle contests
Glamourous Won a Glamour contest
Glamour Prism Addict Won three Glamour contests
Need another title here Won five Glamour contests
Need another title here Won seven Glamour contests
Helping Hand Helped Rooks with an annoying development task
Cards Winner Won an FFXIAH CAH Tournament
Card Shark Won three FFXIAH CAH Tournaments
Card Counter Won five FFXIAH CAH Tournaments
Wild Card Won ten FFXIAH CAH Tournaments