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[Please Fullview] This artwork is for Keta Kamuro <3 Happy early B-day Sweetheart! ?(*???*)? Haha there's a funny story behind everything. Before I even knew anything about Keta she asked me long long ago if I take commissions and I said no I only draw my friends ^^ Some months ago my boyfriend and I were searching for a new LS and Keta talked to him out of the blue and invited him to her LS no second later. Kyu asked her if she could invite me too, so she asked for my name. She couldn't believe it that it was me haha ?(*???)? <3 After I joined her LS I told her "Hey Keta, now u might have the chance to be drawn" XD Sooo ... here's the result *lol* I really couldn't resist to draw her, cuz she's so nice and funny. (And has the best stories to tell haha) I really like her char and we did a lot of carvan runs back then. She was always wearing the Colliseum gear with her Mask that's why I decided to draw her that way ^^. I really hope she will like it! <3 I hope your upcomming B-day will be nice and full of joy! <3 <3 <3 Thanks for watching! Please do not edit or upload it anywhere else. (?????)
Score: 8.46
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Tags Keta Kamuro, Esumi Aoi, Evil Siren, Chocobo Mask, Colliseum Gear
Date Submitted 2012-09-15 12:26:13
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