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[Fullview for details] Sengoku Iori - the most handsome Elezen in FFXIV (imho ^^) Actually I wanted to draw him long long ago but I never had the time for it and we lost contact due to some reasons. Some months ago I finally met Iori again (we were in the same LS btw.) <3 It's so much fun with him (I could stare the whole day on Iori .. it never gets boring ^^) so I decided to capture his sexyness *haha*. I worked really hard on it and I hope he will like this artwork ^_^ It was much pain, much fun to draw him and consumed a lot of time :D This time (I had another artwork of him in mind long ago) I decided to draw him as WAR with Garuda's Scream. The reason is, we got our first win (on Garuda) together with him. I really want to thank him this way and for all his kindness =) Yea... enough of my talking, thanks for watching and pls no stealing or posting on other sites. Thank you Evil Siren aka Esumi Aoi (^_^)/) ~ <3
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Tags Sengoku Iori, Esumi Aoi, Evil Siren
Date Submitted 2012-06-20 09:53:27
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