Most Efficient Way To Build Mythic?

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Most efficient way to build Mythic?
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By Shiva.Eightball 2017-08-23 15:38:41
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I've done salvage as crappy blu and crappy bst, bst was slower and more annoying waiting for JA timers, blu just spams w/o timers to worry about. my bst has maybe 3-5 JPs blu maybe 100ish now.

if you alrdy have bst then use that for farm, if you don't have bst or blu, I would recommend blu over bst because overall ease and simplicity of the aoe kill function.
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By Asura.Valguard 2017-08-23 16:47:54
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A Quick search on Youtube will also get you some examples of runs through the different zones and on different jobs. Silver Sea and Bhaflau tend to be the top outputs for Alexandrite return in my experience.

Silver Sea Example 1

Silver Sea Example 2

Bhaflau Remnants Example 1

I preferred Silver Sea as I could do the run in about 20 minutes and hop off of FFXI if necessary during the run or in between runs with no issue. Minimum you could get per run was like 80 and max of 225ish.

Edited- Was in a hurry to leave yesterday when posting this. XD