Help With Barrage (this Is A Diff Question)

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Help With Barrage (this is a diff question)
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By Slurm818 2017-05-11 20:12:05
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So AG Empy RNG requires a different style of play. I am obviously looking to get to 3000 TP as fast as possible. Barrage as you can imagine, is a huge part of my getting there quickly. That being said, Arcadian Beret +1...will the extra TP generated off the Recycle aug proc on Barrage hits? If so...that is easily BiS for me as long as I am acc capped. I can't find any info on it, and I'm really not sure how to go about testing it...though I am willing to take suggestions on that.
By clearlyamule 2017-05-11 20:28:34
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I can't remind if barrage was specifically testing but I think it was and for double shot only one of the procs counted for sure
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By Slurm818 2017-05-11 20:40:33
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Okay, seems to make sense that if it doesn't proc on a double shot then it would behave the same way for subsequent Barrage hits. Thanks for letting me know about that, I will look for a solid STP option instead.
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By Carbuncle.Stiltz 2017-05-11 20:55:35
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BG Wiki said:
- Recycle takes place at the time of the shot, so has to be with your midshot gear to have an affect.
- RNG with full merits will have 55% recycle rate, Arcadian Beret +1 will add another 34% capping or nearly capping recycle, which gives them the benefit of 50 TP gained per shot if Recycle is fully merited. This works even if the shot was missed, as long as recycle procs, and is often used in X-hit builds by RNG players.
- (Barrage) Gives full TP return for each hit, and also gives full TP as if each hit landed to the enemy it was used upon.

I never really played with recycle builds, but your best bet is going to boil down to testing Pursuer's Beret B/A against Arcadian.
Recycle "should" have the chance to proc on every hit of barrage fired, which would give you the extra 50ish each time it procs.
Otherwise, it'll only proc on the first shot of barrage, cause the rest of the shots to be free, but only give you the recycle TP bonus for the first hit.