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The Future of MercsPlus1
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By Bruceybangbang 2011-09-14 17:13:17
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It has recently come to my attention that with the upcoming patch 1.19, MercsPlus1 will be forced to downgrade to MercsNQ. (Thanks Rhylee)

Well, this news was extremely humbling. When I think of all of the lucky touch ups we initiated to get to the place where we are now, I know that you just can't take anything for granted. I believe since I've been able to write this, I'm now in the stage of acceptance, the final stage. Everything up until now really was a mentally exhausting challenge ranging from psychotic chanting, "This is not happening... not to a D-List end game star". Under a billowing storm cloud of denial.

Following, "It's not our fault! Who is to blame!? Nahaara, don't just stand there around town like a loser. Go find out who!" In my borderline preposterous display of anger.

To, "If I could suck my way to the middle just a little longer, I think we'll be okay." Which, by the way, is the title of my real life collection of essays --Brucey Macchibango: Sucking My Way To The Middle. Available on Amazon for preorder the beginning of next year.-- And now I'm here.

What if I don't have to be the things I've proclaimed in my ever approaching doom into normal qualitativness. I'm not feeling that I should project anything on others, yell, kick, or scream. Nor am I interested in going to the underground to see how that plays out. --Yes, I'm talking to you, Divert Saints-- I just ask that if you see one of us around, don't give us your pity. We're not worth it. As long as we're here fighting to get our plus one back... we'll be just fine.

Thank you for listening, I needed to get that off my chest. I hope that everyone post 1.19 will be sensitive regarding our change while we try to regain back our status. That is, if we can.
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By dahra 2011-09-14 17:36:54
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I am ok with being stuck in a muddy river called denial. I am forever surrounded by my good friends, the Divert Saints.

hyper quality 4evs.