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GMT+9/Asia Playerbase
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By Asura.Noky 2010-11-01 19:15:14
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Me and a friend are looking for players that tend to play during the prime KST/JST hours (GMT+9) for you US-minded people that's ~13 hours ahead of EST (GMT-5 or GMT-4). You don't need to live abroad to contact us but as long as you play around those hours. As you may imagine a lot of the players around our time speak Japanese and not English.

Basically, if you play around that span of 22:00 - 24:00 during the week and during some reasonable hours on the weekend get in touch with us. Don't really care what language you speak (even though this post is in English) as we're former FFXI players that are used to using auto-trans.

My name is 'Ferian Eris' send me a tell in-game and I can give you a linkshell pearl that I plan to use for our timezone or just friend me and let me know if you want a party. We're currently in the 13-18 range but we're climbing and can always switch jobs to go back down.

Feel free to just reply here with your name if you're interested as well.