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Pet Enmity gear & Ventriloquy
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By Quetzalcoatl.Xilkk 2017-10-26 18:55:44
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2 questions does enmity gear affect Ventriloquy, and How?

I'm actually wondering how it would affect snarl also.

When Ventriloquy swaps enmity, it probably does something like this:

player enmity = x ; automaton enmity = y
Player enmity -x + y; automaton enmity -y + x

SO, will enmity gear modify these values?

if I have +50 pet enmity will it be automaton enmity -y + .5x ?

I figure there are several pups out there who understand the pet enmity better than me.

Also I'm not sure how to test it. best I can think of, Will Libra include pets in comparative enmity?
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By Nariont 2017-10-27 05:43:43
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My understanding of it is that it works like a hate tool for pets so whatever enmity you pass gets a 5% min boost, plus the boost from pet enmity. As for snarl, i dont see why it wouldnt aside from it being a self target ability unlike vent.
By clearlyamule 2017-10-27 10:26:40
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I doubt it has any effect since it's supposed to just be a transfer and well there is gear/merits that specifically effects it but who knows.

Not really sure on libra's mechanics or even how accurate it is. But to do regular enmity testing would require at least 2 people and balancing hate for pup. With bst it would be a lot more complicated lol