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SAM spellcast for a dummy
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By Dragnorok 2011-11-28 12:56:48
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like the topic i need a basic sam spellcast for a dummy ive searched and cant understand what I did find. Just making the switch from xbox to pc so please help I just want to use my tp gear and ws gear that are in my item sets on my profile any advice, tutorials (reeeaaally dumbed down ones) would be appreciated and thank you.
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By Asura.Dtroyy 2011-11-28 13:51:02
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*** basic someone post a complicated one for me!
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By Sylph.Hitetsu 2011-11-28 14:55:59
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This one should work for you Dragnorok, though it'd prolly be pretty pointless for Dtroyy :D

It's based on my WAR's super simple spellcast (without any specific requests, I can't really do much more with it).

All you have to do is add your gear in there like so:
<set name="TPGear">
    <head>My SAM Head!</head>
    <neck>My SAM Neck!</neck>