New Merrits After Update To Zanshin

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new merrits after update to zanshin
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By Phoenix.Gaiarorshack 2011-08-16 13:12:32
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after the update to which zanshin is kinda lie DA under hasso

Should we (i) redo the old merrits? i haven't looked into the math yet.

my merrits is

STP 5/5
mediatate recast 5/5

Shikikoyo 1/5
Blade Bash 4/5
Overwhelm 5/5

but its been a long time since i was on sam main (aproc a year ago)
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By Cerberus.Taint 2011-08-16 13:26:07
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Iki should be 4/5 atleast, it will take a full hit off from a zanshin proc. I've been playing with Masamune setups and there isn't a clear winner for tier1 merits.